Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warm and (not so) Fuzzies

We're very into skin-to-skin contact with our boy, so I dont sleep in a shirt (but then again I never did. I don't like how they get twisted in the sheets). I do wear my maternity bra to keep down on messes and to make it easier to attach my pump.

Well, I was just nursing Chipmunk and needed to burp him. I flung him over my shoulder like an expert and began patting his back. He slid down a little so that his face was on my collarbone. I patted.

Then I hear him burp... And realize that he has spit up a ton of warm milk onto my chest. The milk runs down my bra strap and arm pit. My baby falls asleep.

Whats so crazy is that I'm so used to it that it didnt even shock me. I reached over to the nightstand, picked up a towel, and wiped myself off. The baby is now sleeping in my arms with a towel under his head just in case he has to blow chunks again. I just changed the sheets yesterday... I can't risk it.

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