Friday, January 15, 2010

All Babies Need Love... And I'll Give it to Them!

As I was running out the door for work this morning, I was stopped by an image on CNN. Dr. Gupta, who was reporting on the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, was holding a teeny-tiny newborn baby in his hands, and he was talking about how she'd been hurt.

She had a gash on her head, and he was trying his best to bandage her precious head. Silky black hair curled around her chocolate face. He continued to position the bandages, and another pair of hands moved into the shot to help him.

I stood there wanting to be there to comfort her and him as he tried so hard to patch her up.

At that moment, Zack told me that her mother had died.

My heart sank. A baby without a mother?!?! *heart sinks further*

I immediately said that I wanted her. "I want her! I can love her! Zack, don't you want her?! If we can get her, I could be her mom!"

Zack, who is cooking breakfast, says, "Sure baby. But she has a family!"

"But I can love her!"

"Steph! She already has a family. They brought her to Sanjay Gupta so he could help her."


I look at the screen. Confused.


Of course she has a family! What was I thinking?

I say, "Yeah. But if she didn't and needed a home, I would have wanted her here."

I continue into the kitchen to see if Zack would give me some of his cheesy grits... he doesn't (because I'd insisted before he started cooking that I didn't want breakfast). I leave for work.

I've always been into adoption. Even after I have two biological children of my own, I would love to adopt one or two young children.

All babies and children need love! And all they want is a loving, stable home with responsible, caring adults. Pregnancy isn't everything, but loving another human is!


  1. Steph, I am SOOO with you on this, it's not even funny. My hubby still really wants his "girl" and I was watching all the devestation with Haiti and I turned to him and said "why don't we adopt a Haitian girl?" he is al for it... the only issue is that with us having one in May, I am not sure I can handle 2 babies. I so badly want to mother all those motherless children too. It just breaks my heart into ten million pieces.

  2. Aww Steph you have such a big heart :) I, too, feel that every child deserves a loving family and it breaks my heart to know that so many don't get that for whatever reason.

    I remember a young boy that came to live with my family temporarily when I was growing up...DFACS had taken him and his siblings away from neglectful parents. I realized how many things we took for granted (a bath each night, a hot meal for dinner) that he was so excited to have at our house. As an adult (and now a mom), I wish there were someway to reach all of those children and take care of them.