Friday, January 29, 2010

The New Kid at Camp

In an effort to get those Janet Jackson's abs, I decided to try the boot camp workout class at the local gym. I mean really... I can keep up with that French lady during her step aerobics class, so how hard could a circuit training class be???

*nursing sore hamstrings*

Very hard... thats how hard it was!

I walked right into that class with my new Old Navy workout pants, gym bag, and (fairly) new reboks thinking I was gonna totally dominate the class because I'm practically the youngest person in there (right along with the skinny chick on the left).


Not so much....

We broke off to our first "station" after warming up and were told to spend two minutes there- staying on beat with the music which seemed to be techno fast.

30 seconds into my first station, I could have pulled the fire alarm just to ask for an oxygen tank.

Everything from my tongue down to my lungs felt like I had just eaten hot coals.

My clothes felt like they had decided to form a mutiny against my poor body.

The aerobics room seemed to warp and widen out by 30 feet.

The clock froze in time.

The instructor counts down the last 10 seconds of the station and tells us to move to the next. After 2 minutes of agony, she moves us to the next. I looked around to see all the other women having a grand ole time while I was trying not to projectile vomit the graham cracker and peanut butter sandwich I'd eaten 15 minutes before and pass out.

I limped to my water bottle which has moved with the warped room 600 feet from my station.

What does "I" say to "myself"??? "Dangit Steph! Get yourself together! Its just 45 minutes!"

and how does "myself" reply??? "I need some more oxygen!!!"

Either way, I was able to pull it all together and work it out. I finished the class, giving up on the last 30-45 seconds of each station. When it was over, I limped to my things, put on my new Old Navy workout jacket, dug through my new gym bag, and coughed up my lung walking out the door.

I'll definitely be back next Thursday... with an oxygen tank!

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  1. I miss grueling workouts. Loved this post because I totally could relate. That's how I felt with my first boot camp class too.