Sunday, January 10, 2010


I haven't had a steady/regular doctor since my pediatric days. My doctor was Dr. Phillips, and my dentist was Dr. Curtis, and I loved them both.

I loved Dr. Phillips because of her smooth, dark chocolate skin and because her voice sounded like midnight jazz. She was always calm and everything about her was soothing. Dr. Curtis, on the other hand, reminded me of Santa Claus because... well, he looked exactly like Santa Claus... except his beard was shorter. He always gave me candy and praised me for taking such good care of my teeth. Those were the days when doctors saw their clients as more than clients. They integrated themselves into their clients' lives and became a part of their families. I loved them.

I haven't had a relationship with doctors since, however there was a short period of time that I actually developed a relationship with the dental hygienist at a dentist office I went to while in college. I went in one day and there was some new chick in Stephanie's (the dental hygienist) station. I stopped going shortly after.

I went to an OB/GYN office that had a network of doctors. I never saw the same doctor twice and I went there for five years. I somewhat liked the anonymity of letting a complete stranger take a look at my cervix and check my breasts for lumps then never having to see them again. My visits were like one night stands.

I finally decided (with the decision to start a family) to get a doctor in my area. I settled on one doctor at a hospital 15 minutes from my house and 5 minutes from my job. Perfect, right?!?!?!

Well, the visit was less than stellar. The doctor was a complete space cadet traveling somewhere on Mars. Our conversation at the visit in May went something like this:

Me: My husband and I are thinking of coming off birth control and starting a family!
Dr: (one hand pressing on my stomach and another hand somewhere inside or around my uterus) Really?! You should have come off your birth control in January.
Me: Oh.
Dr: I need you to relax. It feels like you might have fibroids.
Me: Its probably the gallon of water I drank before I came. I REALLY need to use the restroom.
Dr: (still pressing) Ok. Well, relax.
Me: I can't because I have to pee... like really badly!
Dr: (pressing even harder)
Me: How about I go pee before it starts running down your arm and onto the floor?
Dr: I think we should schedule you for a sonogram so we can get a better view.
Me: Probably not. I just need to pee.
Dr: (withdraws hand) Ok. Well, you can get dressed. I'll get your paperwork and get you scheduled for that sonogram. (leaves)
I get up, get dressed, go to the restroom, and pee for a very long time.... she totally forgot about the sonogram.

Anyway, it is almost time for another annual visit, and I'm looking for a regular doctor. I've taken references from friends, but i've also been researching the internet for other OB/GYNs...

I came across this website and I think I'm sold on their family of physicians. The website makes them look like they really like each other! I like the fact that most of their physicians are women, and the women are from various cultural backgrounds. Their office even has an internet cafe!


  1. I feel you! Finding an OB/GYN you can trust and feel comfortable with is so important. Because of my insurance at the time through my job, I chose Partners in Womens Health here in Merritt Island. There are 5 docs in the practice and I rotated to each one so that I would be familiar with all of them since there was no way to know who would be on call when I delivered.

    I only ended up liking ONE of them! Some of them were so impersonal, it felt like more of a hit-and-run encounter than a patient-doctor appointment. I don't ask a lot of questions or try to hold their time hostage but at least let me cover myself before you charge out the door!

    Thankfully the doctor I loved (Dr. Vickie Clennon) ended up being the one who cared enough to admit and induce me when my blood pressure shot through the roof. While in the hospital one of the other docs from the practice was making rounds and introduced herself to me, saying we hadn't met (I guess she forgot the times I came for exams and checkups?!?!)

    Sorry for the novel, I hope you find someone you feel comfortable with and will truly care about your well-being, it really does make all the difference.

  2. ALSO... My son was born at 42 weeks and 1 day so it wasn't like I was pressuring them to take him early! I know the risks involved with going past 42 weeks and it was like the other docs were oblivious, I could have gone to 44 and had a stillborn and I'm not sure they would have noticed. That was SCARY to me and since I'm not an aggressive person I was too meek to voice my concerns. I will not make that same mistake if I have another baby! I wish I had the same "take charge" attitude that you have :)

  3. WOW! Thats crazy! I can totally see how having several doctors look at you can get somewhat impersonal for them. I was reading an article and many women were saying the same thing you just said... they felt like they were at a baby factory. I'm very much like you. I don't ask a million questions (if any at all) but when I do, I would like the respect of having my doctor pause and answer them all in great detail. I'm so glad you had a doctor who was concerned enough to take care of you and baby!