Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayers and Automobiles

I stayed at work a little longer than usual today to take care of paperwork and such for the new semester... and by "a little longer" I mean "a whole lot longer than I should've stayed but had to stay that long because I procrastinate too much." I ended up leaving at six.

The sun was nearly set. I'm still driving. The thermometer in my car reads "31" degrees. The sun sets. It is dark. I'm almost home.

I'm literally within walking distance of my home. I stop at stop sign and look in the rearview mirror. I see the huge truck behind me. I think to myself, "Wow! That is a really big truck. It is much bigger than my little civic." I look straight ahead to see if the traffic has moved. It hasn't. Then.......


My body lurches forward. I scream and reach for my face. I stop.


I look down at my hands, and my chest, then out the windshield.

I'm ok!

My brain goes into autopilot. I put my car in park, open the door, walk to the back of my car, and hear "We should probably pull to the side."

I get back in my car and pull off to the side then get out and walk to the back of the car. Mr. Hummer pulls up, gets out, asks if I'm alright, and apologizes... a lot.

I smile a genuine smile and tell him I'm fine.... but what I really am is shocked that I'm not crying.

"Why" you ask??????

Because thats what I do. I'm a cryer... I cry all the time... for any reason... at any given time.

But not now.

I call 911 and speak with the operator then I call Zack. He walks (literally, because thats how close we live) to the scene of the accident.

We sit in the car and wait for the deputy. I tell Zack that I'm not mad and I'm happy. I'm happy because this is the type of situation we pray for every single day.

"Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for watching over us and bringing us home safely. Please continue to watch over us, our family, and our friends."

EVERYDAY that is our prayer, and it was answered this day as it is every day.

And one thing I know (besides God answering my prayers) is that my civic took being rear ended like a CHAMP... like...a... freakin... CHAMP!!!!! Sure, I can't open my trunk and the bumper is practically falling off, but I barely (on a relative scale) even felt getting hit!

I definitely know now that Honda is the car I want when I have babies in the backseat.

Honda for life!


  1. Glad you're alright. Did the guy slide on ice or something?
    Goodness, I'm glad you weren't hurt.

  2. No ice... he just wasn't paying attention. i think he reached for his phone or something and came off his brake. He didn't even hit me really hard. its just that the weight of that military tank and the rhino grill against the back of a tiny civic did A LOT of damage.