Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vitamin, Schmitamin

I think the company who makes birth control pills should go into business making vitamins. Seriously... I don't understand how one daily pill can be soooo tiny and another be the size of a muscadine. It is for this reason that I usually don't take vitamins.

When I started talking about pregnancy, a good friend of mine informed me that I should be taking prenatals about a year before I expect to get pregnant. That was a great piece of information except I expected to be pregnant about three months after that conversation.

I remembered telling Zack about the vitamins, and after he fussed about the three new bottles of almost expired Women's One-A-Day vitamins in the kitchen, he ran out and bought an industrial sized bottle of prenatal vitamins from Costco even though I had already splurged on the GNC pregnancy vitamin kit (Fish Oil caplets, calcium pills, and vitamins).

At first, I was super serious about taking the vitamins and took them everyday. Then we didn't get pregnant, and I stopped. Zack would ask me every two days if I was still taking my vitamins. I always responded with, "I'm gonna start taking them on Monday."

He even lectured me on how I was diligent about taking BC when I didn't want to get pregnant but will not get serious about taking something that would help our baby. I'd feel bad and take the vitamin for one day then stop.

I've talked to women at work who have given me suggestions like taking it with orange juice to mask the taste or grinding it into powder and mixing it in juice.

With this new year, I've actually been taking my vitamins every day. I am on day 5, and it hasn't gotten easier... maybe I'll do for me what I used to do for my dog...

hide the vitamin in something I like to eat... maybe a piece of chocolate!

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