Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buying Baby Books Before Baby

I hope you appreciated the alliteration of the title!


Zack and I was in the mall last week when we saw that the bookstore was going out of business. It wasn't hard to miss with the huge yellow and red "60%-80% off absolutely everything" signs in the windows.

I instantly became excited about the thought of getting books for little of nothing. I was also somewhat sad about the fact that a book store was going out of business. Doesn't anyone read anymore (or at least look at the pictures like I do)???

We went in and wove ourselves through the crowd of eager book buyers. Zack went to the right towards the financial books, and I mosied over to the back. I was lucky to find a stash of baby and pregnancy related books. *smile*

I looked through the books to see which ones had the most pictures (don't judge me) and pretty colors and held them in my arms like they were footballs. Because really... you never know when a seemingly simple book sale will turn into a Filene's Basement styled fight to the death... you just never know.

I gather about three books (on top of the three pre-teen books I got for my little cousin) and went to find Zack. When I found him, he was carrying about three books of his own. He was sure to tell me of the pregnancy and baby books in the back, and I showed him the one's I'd picked up. He responds with, "Are you sure you didn't want to look again and get some more?"

I shook my head and headed for the checkout because I couldn't wait to get home, curl up in the bed, and read the captions under all the pictures (just joking... but not really).

After reading a chapter or two in the "Getting Pregnant" book, I went back to the bookstore the next day and purchased 5 more books: a grammar book, a book of old school ways of remembering things, a baby book for a friend, "Schooled" (a fictional novel about teachers that I recommend for teachers), an interactive book from grandma to baby (that I plan to give to my mom whenever we get pregnant), and an ice cream desserts recipes book (for Zack and his new ice cream maker).

I probably should've bought more...

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  1. Now you need a new bookcase. Any furniture stores in that mall going out of business?