Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not a Spring Chicken

Teenage pregnancy...

In modern days, its an issue...

In the olden days however, I'm sure it was the way to go...

*thinking: Mary probably had Jesus when she was like 16*

I was watching the news and heard that the teenage pregnancy rate had increased. And I thought to myself, "Really?! There must be 60 gazillion pregnant teens for them to broadcast it on the news!"

... because I've always seen pregnant teens. I NEVER stopped seeing them.

Then I got to thinking some more... There are so many women who can afford and take care of babies but have the hardest time conceiving or simply can't have children. And you have these kids... KIDS... who are, in the words of my girlfriend, "Fertile Myrtles".

I realize that I'm not necessarily (in relative terms) a spring chicken, but there is just some really strange irony in that. Its just plain ole'... *getting frustrated*

Anyway, I'm going to chill out about this because I have all the things I ever wanted... except Janet Jackson's tight abs and buns of steel...

but I guess I can work on that while I'm waiting for a baby.

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