Monday, August 20, 2012

Insipration Monday and Old School Clothes

This week's inspiration over at Two Birds is Elizabeth Olsen. I have no clue who she is, but I'm going to step out on a limb and say that she is related to the Olsen twins...
The only thing I have even remotely similar to this dress is a dress I bought several months ago from Francesca's. I would've worn it, but it is a tad too short to be worn to work. So... I decided to wear a skirt that I thrifted last week. I feel that it has that sort of 80's retro-digital look... kinda like it was created by a DOS computer...
I realize that you can't see the dots that make up the plaid... BUT they're there... The pink in the skirt is also more of a fuscia, the yellow is like a mustard gold, and the blue is actually a little purple-ish, but the colors are washed out on camera.
I can actually really appreciate this old school size 14 (isn't it crazy how sizes have changed over the years?!) because it has taught me where my natrual waist is. Just like my father, I am high waisted with a short torso, so I have found that low sitting clothing sometimes don't fit me as well as things that sit higher.
This skirt is made of my favorite fabric, silk, and it only cost me $2.50! Woot Woot!!! I am always so proud of my silk finds because of this post by Vivienne at Thrifted Shift. I don't often read books (a shame... I know), so finding someone who can provide me with the valuable notes in a fun blog format is right up my alley! I paired this look with a denim jacket when I got home because it was far too warm to wear it out of the house, and I haven't owned a vest since Bush Sr. was president. This jacket is a veteran in my closet... I can't remember when I bought it or how much I paid... It has just always been there for me.
When I pulled it out of the closet and put it on, my husband was like, "Whoa! That jacket is old school! Is that Guess?" I was a little offended that he called my beloved jacket "old school", but I couldn't argue with his observation. I actually don't think I've had it that long, but when you have a piece of clothing that never ages, you just lose track of the years.


  1. That jacket is a classic piece! And well done thrifting a silk skirt! That's wonderful! The Bush Sr. part cracked me up, I was just thinking about how I really used to be into vests, but it's not really a big part of my life anymore!

  2. yay for Guess jackets! haha. it's not that old school. and i love your skirt. what great colors and a fab print!

  3. ok - i'll take that!

    You are always so confident in your pics, that is what I like about your 'Inspiration Monday's' hahahaha.

  4. Hi Steph, Thanks for joining me...I just became your follower. You have a great blog. Your style matches are that little guy, and your HH looks like an approving blogger husband. The best. Happy new teaching year coming up for you. Thanks for noticing me, that's my sis just ahead in comments. We attempt to introduce each other to our blog friends. Nice huh.

  5. nothing says fall to me like a plaid skirt!!

  6. okay, that thrifted skirt is so very cute! i love the colors. you look adorable. i too have a short torso which sometimes makes it slightly challenging with certain clothes though in the end it makes my legs look longer i hope! haha.